The Quarantine 15, How To Get Back Into Shape

It has been 7 months since the start of a global pandemic that has caused a new normal nationwide. The stay at home order has affected millions financially, socially, mentally, and even physically. I like to call the physical effects, The Quarantine 15. Just like the “Freshman 15”, the quarantine 15 has caused citizens to gain weight and lose motivation to stay healthy and in shape. The new york post did a study that found that 76% of people have gained 16 pounds during quarantine.

Why are people gaining weight?

The main reason people are gaining weight is due to the “new normal” quarantine routine. As businesses are limited on capacity, shut down, or even financially forced to shut their doors indefinitely, society has developed new routines that are affecting their physical health. This new routine includes staying inside, consuming more online entertainment, sleeping, and changing eating habits. Our bodies rely on daily activity to burn off a certain amount of calories that we consume. The weight gain that is occurring worldwide is due to our bodies adjusting to this new lazy lifestyle.

How to lose this “new normal” weight

It is pretty simple, adjust your activities. Start by thinking of ways you can be physically active again and set a new routine that accommodates to this new lifestyle. Some examples are: walking around your neighborhood, participating in online yoga, participating in online physical training classes, etc. Getting your body used to having physical activity again can improve your overall health and ultimately, lose that quarantine 15 that you have developed. Losing this weight is not only achieved by changing your physical habits but also adjusting your eating habits. Based on the same New York Post study from earlier, 69% of people have begun snacking more often because they have nothing else to do. Being physically stationary for long periods of time plus snacking causes your body to become incapable of burning off the calories that are required to stay in shape. You should take this extra time that you are given during quarantine to research healthy diet and eating habits. A lot of people around the world have made cooking their new hobby to occupy their downtime. This could help you formulate new healthy meals that will help increase your overall health and lose that extra weight.

Below is a link to DyeHard’s “Guide To Developing A Shredded Core”, that will help you lose that Quarantine 15 and start building strong core muscles to stay healthy and look fit!

-Seth at DyeHard

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