Training Legs for Growth

Ahhhhh, Leg day… The day that every gym-rat dreads. Walking into the gym knowing that you are about to train legs is the worst part of the week for most people. Knowing that you are about to do squats, leg press, or any other movement that requires using your legs for some reason is such a dreadful thing and I never understood why.

When it comes to building muscle in your legs, heavy movements followed by high-volume training is key. If you are new to working out, when I say high-volume I mean lots and lots of sets. The legs hold so many large muscles that they need a lot more work compared to smaller muscle groups like arms and shoulders. For me, warming up the knees prior to training legs is so important. I normally do this by doing a few miles on the bike followed by a few sets of leg curls to pre-exhaust the hamstrings while warming up the knee joint. Sometimes I will do leg extensions to pre-exhaust the quads but this puts more stress on the patella tendon.

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Doing drop-sets with heavy movements is also highly effective for muscle growth. These are the worst part about training legs for most people as it creates the worst burn and draws in more lactic acid in the muscle. I like to do drop sets on leg press where it is easy to pull a plate from each side and jump right into the next set. If you are training with a partner you can get into the next set even faster with little to no rest between sets.

Rest is also a variable that you should pay attention to. When training for strength, 3-5 minutes is necessary between sets, but for muscle hypertrophy, keep the rest periods under two minutes for maximum muscle growth.

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DyeHard Fitness recently came up with a 6 Week Leg Training Program designed strictly to build muscle in your legs. It consists of a ton of different workouts including drop-sets, super-sets, and everything in between in order to grow your legs. Down below is a link to the program that will be sent to your email address.

-Joey at DyeHard

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  1. Same here. What might be the best home exercises for the legs, though? I meant body-weight workouts. Hmm… I’ve been having a hard time maintaining my strength and physique because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    1. And so have lots and lots of people. Wall sits are a fantastic workout to do at home cause they build the quads like crazy. Burpees and Pistol Squats. Grab a backpack with some weight in it and do Walking lunges. There is a guy on Instagram named Richard Duchon who has a ton of different body weight leg workouts!

  2. I’m way too old for this now! I used to work out but to many drugs in the past messed that up! Nice blog though! I do watch my diet and walk often!

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