5 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Over 70% of Americans have trouble falling asleep at night or can’t stay asleep. Knowing that the number is that high makes me wonder if those people are taking steps to improve their sleep. Here are 5 ways to improve your overall quality of sleep.

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#1Get on a schedule. Try going to sleep around the same time every night and waking up around the same time every morning. Yes, weekends too. your body has what I like to call an “internal clock” and knows when it is time for bed and time to wake up. The human body is most comfortable when it is in a routine, which leads to better sleep.

#2Stay away from blue light such as your phone or computer at least 30 minutes before bed to let your eyes adjust to the darkness and calm your brain down.

#3Keep your sheets clean. For me, just knowing that I am sleeping in a clean bed with clean sheets and pillowcases helps me fall asleep faster. This also helps with acne by the way.

#4Avoid naps. Try to avoid taking naps during the day. Doing this will help you reach the REM sleep faster at night.

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#5Lower your caffeine or stimulant intake. This allows your brain to focus on its own at night without any help from supplements, which tires out the vital organ and allows you to fall asleep faster

I hope these tips help and remember consistency is your best friend when goal setting.

-Joey at DyeHard

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  1. Good tips ! In my case, I take coffee 3 hours before I get down to bed, and still my sleep is deep. Maybe it’s in my state of mind. Thanks for the Follow. Be safe.

    1. Glad we could help! Yeah I think technology being so advanced these days and so easily accessible is a huge factor for bad sleeping habits.

  2. These are great tips! Thank you. I also use a product called DREAM which has CBD and melatonin in it. My Fitbit score is higher every time I take it and that’s helped me a lot. It’s on my website if you’re interested in trying it.

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