3 Fitness Trends To Achieve Your Health Goals

Anyone that is trying to change their everyday behaviors to become more healthy has to start with a goal. This could be a short-term goal of losing 10 pounds in a month or a long-term goal of eating a certain diet for a year. These goals are usually set aside due to work, family, and everyday tasks. The greatest asset a person has is time. What we choose to do with this time affects the outcome of who we are today. What if there were 3 DIFFERENT fitness trends that can allow you to save your valuable time, while also keeping you accountable. Not only will these trends keep you on track to achieve your goal, but also can allow you to become more efficient during your fitness journey.

Fitness Trackers

The first of the three is wearable technology that tracks different measurements around your body to keep you on target to meet your goal. These trackers can measure a great deal of metrics from how many calories you burn during a workout to how many steps you took in a day. This can help you plan how you are going to achieve your goal by staying on schedule with the amount of steps/calories you need to burn per day. DyeHard Fitness is offering a giveaway in Septemeber where we will be giving away our favorite wearable technology, the Fitbit charge 4. This offer will be advertised on our Instagram account, @dyehardfit.

Fitness Apps

The second way is to track your fitness goals using available phone applications. These apps are great supplements when used with a fitness tracker. This is where you can log all your calories, steps, or weight loss and hit your goals. Many of these apps also allow you to set goals. This keeps you accountable and shows you if your goal was feasible or not. Many of these apps are not just calorie log type applications also. Some of them actually can help you improve your workouts and help you find activities that burn more fat or build more muscle.

Online Courses

The last trend is online fitness courses. Due to the pandemic that is occurring many companies are starting to offer online physical training/courses to allow you to workout right from home. With this very convenient option, it allows you to save time, money, and research to reach your goal. By getting professional help online, you can really start to gain knowledge and see results without having to use a trial and error process to achieve your desires. DyeHard Fitness is currently working on a training program that is tailored to the body type, age, and weight of our consumers. This will allow you to select your attributes and be able to receive knowledge and direction on how to reach your fitness goal. This program will be available by the end of 2020 and we hope to connect with our clients on a personal level to help them feel like they are apart of a family, the DyeHard family.

-Seth at DyeHard

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  1. I completely agree with you when it come to fitness trackers. I got my Apple watch last fall and just looking at calories burned, how many minutes of my workout I have completed, and my total number of steps constantly pushes me to do better. More than anything, I love seeing the rings completely full haha

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