Should you Hire a Personal Trainer?

The answer is yes. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or if you have been at it for 5 years without one, a personal trainer can take you to the next level when it comes to reaching your goals.

You will begin to do exercises that you’ve probably never done before. They will look for muscle imbalances, bad posture, bad form, and correct them over time and ultimately make you a better athlete, or stronger in the areas that you need it. Most people think they don’t need a personal trainer and think it is a waste of money because they want to do it by themselves. That is perfectly fine, but over time, the people with coaching and training are going to surpass the guys that do it alone.

Finding a trainer thats right for you is just like anything. Its just like looking for a therapist or a barber. If you don’t think a certain person is right for you, you find another one. Yes there are some very bad trainers out there, but there is also some very bad barbers, and therapists that don’t know what they are talking about. You just have to find one that is best suited for you and your goals. Almost all gyms have a set of personal trainers and the first session is usually free. In the first session you will go over medical history, they will ask you some questions, and you will probably do some postural assessments so that they can see what parts of your body need improvement and what parts of your body are not performing properly. The next two or three sessions will be working to get those parts performing right, and strengthening small muscle groups and correcting posture. After that, you will be doing exercises based on what your goals are every week. You will always be working toward your goal and the trainers #1 job is to make sure that those goals are reached as long as they are realistic.

Start by going to a gym and asking the front desk about personal training and they will take care of the rest. It is that simple. Of course they are going to do whatever it takes to get your money, but don’t think that is their only goal. Make sure you find a trainer with some experience and a certification and build a relationship with them. Having a good relationship with the trainer allows them to really get to know you and what you want out of them so that they can make the best possible program for you whether it is for weight loss or just gaining more mobility.

-Joey at DyeHard

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