How To Improve Mental Health During Quarantine

After 5 months of social distancing and being quarantined, the effects in people start to arise. Not knowing what the future looks like can start to take a toll on your mental health as stressors within your brain start to become triggered. Protecting and improving mental health during this time is very important to a persons overall well being. Here are a few ways to stay social, lessen your stress, and improve your mental health during COVID-19.

The first thing is to start at home workouts. From running around your neighborhood to watching an at home workout plan like beach body, you can still stay healthy and release unwanted stress by working out. The next step is to get into a routine of working out at home daily. Challenge yourself to complete your at home workout at a certain time everyday. I recommend starting your workout early in the morning so you can start your day off knowing if nothing else gets accomplished or you have a bad day, you at least completed your daily workout.

The second way to improve your mental health is to find a new hobby. From growing a garden to cooking a new meal a day, you can interact with other people from a distance via social media by showing off your new passion. This can also bring out a happiness that you haven’t been seeing during this quarantine.

The last way to improve your mental health is to stay social, but from a distance. By this I mean use applications like Facetime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc to stay in touch with your friends and family. This will allow you to get your mind out of the uncertainty that quarantine is becoming. Remember at the end of the day, your friends and family will always be here for you and that is all that matters during this time. Stay safe and protect yourself / those around you!

-Seth at DyeHard

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