Why Swimming Needs To Be Introduced To Your Workout Regimen

From mental health to overall physical strength, swimming holds a multitude of benefits for your overall health. Many people do hate the task of finding a pool to swim in while also making sure that pool they have found is clean. Many local gym memberships will include pool access and have a top of the line cleaning service to make sure your health is their top priority.

The first way you can use a swim workout to your advantage is to substitute a heavy lifting day for a pool day. Swim workouts are low impact and not straining on your muscles, joints, or body structure. This is why many people who suffer from injury will use swimming as rehabilitation.

Swimming also increases overall body muscle and core strength. Swimming requires your whole body to move at a constant rhythm to keep your body pushing forward. This ultimately burns calories very quickly while also building muscle in areas that you usually miss in the gym.

Lastly, swimming can help you increase your lung strength. When doing a style of stroke correctly, the style requires you to hold your breath for a certain amount of time which leads to an boost in your respiratory system. This can start to make your lungs stronger and help you to live a healthier life!

-Seth at DyeHard

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