Cleansing Your Mind With Meditation

Practicing meditation on a daily basis seems like a waste of time and boring to most people. Just sitting there in silence by yourself. When someone says the word “meditate” we automatically picture sitting on the floor in a criss-cross position with our eyes closed and our hands doing that weird shape on our knees. In reality, meditation can be done anywhere, and you don’t have to be sitting still. It can be done laying in your bed, or even walking or jogging. As long as you are becoming more aware of your thoughts and your attention is 100% focused on your thoughts and feelings, you are meditating. The benefits include lowering stress levels, connecting with your mind on a deeper level, quieting your conscience, and so much more.

Patience is a huge factor when it comes to meditating. Learning to control your breathing and focusing on each individual inhale/exhale will force you to attend the present moment without distractions. After a minute or so your mind will wander to another thought, but realizing that and going back to breathing is important. Meditation allows you to really connect with yourself and have that inner peace that is so hard to find for a lot of individuals. In our everyday lives we get so caught up with work, school, and relationships and our mind is bouncing from one task to another and for me personally it can feel impossible to control my thoughts. Daily meditation trains the brain to realize when our mind is trying to take over and allows you to calm your brain down.

If you are just starting a meditation practice, You’re going to think its boring and wonder why people do it, but start slow. Try 5-10 minutes a day of just connecting with your own thoughts and focusing on your breathing, and watch the chatter in the back of your head slowly disappear. After a few days or a week of doing it, try doing it for longer and learn to be patient. If meditation wasn’t beneficial, then people would not have been doing it for over 6000 years. Next time you have a little bit of downtime, focus on yourself for a few minutes and try meditation, you will thank me later!

-Joey at DyeHard

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