How To Increase Arm Muscle Growth

Let’s talk about those skin splitting pumps every lifter craves. Yeah, the ones where you can’t tell the difference between a road map and your arm. I personally hit biceps every 48 hours and triceps every 48 hours and occasionally take 2-3 days to rest them. This is the routine that has helped me the most and allowed the MOST growth for my bis and tris. Every time I do chest day I will do 2-4 sets of triceps at the end of my workout. I do the same thing with shoulder day. Every time I hit back, I will also do 2-4 sets of variating bicep curls, then do a bicep focused arm day 48 hours later. Basically my weekly routine is:

Monday – Chest and Triceps

Tuesday – Back and Biceps

Wednesday – Shoulders and Triceps

Thursday – Bicep focused arm day

Friday – Legs (yes I do legs)

Saturday – rest

Sunday – rest/carb up

Now this routine is what works best for me and changes every now and then depending on how my body is feeling.

The biceps and triceps contain more fast/twitch muscle fibers than slow-twitch muscle fibers, meaning they respond better to lots of volume and a faster tempo when being trained. Yes these fibers fatigue a lot quicker but that’s why we rest! Say you’re doing some alternating dumbbell curls and your arms get tired so you set them down and walk around the gym for a few minutes then pick them back up and start curling again. Where is the intensity? How about set those dumbbells down and instead of walking around or scrolling through Twitter, pick up and EZ bar and curl it until you can’t curl it anymore! Then go back to your dumbbells and and start another set. That is the intensity that the arms need in order to grow! Of course your diet will affect that but that’s for another conversation.

Variation is also key for arm growth. What I mean by this is DO NOT do the same exact exercises every time! Are you gonna watch the same movie over and over? No, so why would you do the same three exercises every time you workout? Change up your grip, change up the placement of your hands on the weight, change up your tempo, variation is key.

Now for arm vascularity, this is a tough one. Obviously your body fat % needs to be pretty low, normally below 15% to start showing veins. Genetics play a big role in this but you really can’t use that as an excuse. Drink lots of water, intake sodium throughout the day and right before your workout. You can even put a teaspoon of salt in your pre workout to help. And lastly lots and lots of reps and those veins will start to peek out. Intensity and variation are the most important factors for arm growth so get in the gym and get to work!

⁃ Joey at DyeHard

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