THC and Weight Training

(Disclaimer: this article is not intended to influence the reader to use any illegal drugs or suggesting to try anything you are not comfortable with. It is only intended to inform)

 A lot of people do not know the true effects of marijuana on the body during exercise or training. I’m here to answer some common questions and explain the real and raw effect of using THC while weight training.

You can talk to a lot of athletes and they will tell you they use marijuana during exercise to increase their performance. Will this increase everyone’s performance? Probably not because everyone responds differently to the drug. It does however force you to focus more on each individual movement or rep being performed. Marijuana produces a psychoactive effect, which can lead to being energized, or the opposite effect for some people being lethargic and fatigued. One thing most users say about the drug is that it increases appetite which can help with reaching your daily caloric goals. That can be a plus. The effects of the drug also depend on the individual plant and strain, which is why it’s hard to get consistent research on athletes using it.  Many athletes will tell you that their “mind-muscle connection” skyrockets when they are high versus when they are not, but the truth is there just hasn’t been enough research due to the fact that the drug is still illegal in a lot of places.

Smoking marijuana can also produce an effect on your central nervous system. This effect can make you less susceptible to pain and increase your tolerance subconsciously. As far as muscle building goes, there is not enough research to prove that it builds faster or slower with the use of THC during exercise.

It’s impossible to tell you exactly how marijuana affects the body during training because everyone responds differently, and there just isn’t enough research with the two topics but we hope to see more research in the future. 

-Joey at DyeHard

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