How Important Is Stretching?

Let’s talk about stretching. The list of benefits is endless and it’s one of the most important parts of any type of physical training or exercise. Why? Because when your muscles are constantly shortened due to daily life, stress, and even sleep, your performance can go downhill very fast. If you talk to any successful athlete they will tell you that they stretch 30 mins before any workout and 30 mins after.

For one, stretching tight muscles will allow more range of motion and mobility in the joints. Think about doing a squat. When you see a lot of people excessively leaning forward, or even not getting low enough, it’s because they have muscles that need to be lengthened. How do you achieve this? By targeting the tight muscles and stretching them for at least 30 seconds.

Stretching can also improve your overall posture, and it increases blood flow to the muscles. Yes, it allows more blood to circulate through your working muscles and create a better pump, and promote healing! 80% of people suffer from some sort of back pain. While a lot of those people may have torn muscles or something worse, most of them just have tightness in the spine and pelvis which in turn leads to low back pain. Doing stretches for your glutes and hamstrings daily can do wonders for the spine! Stretching can also reduce stress and anxiety for people of any age. It helps calm the brain down by relaxing the muscular and skeletal system.

So try it out, maybe start slow by stretching twice a week, and work your way up to two to three times a day and I promise your overall quality of life will improve! Here is a list of stretches that will guide your new routine.

35 Stretches To Stretch Out From Head To Toe

– Joey at DyeHard

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