Natural Supplemental Muscle Growth

If you are new to an industry, or trying something for the first time, you’re gonna do some research right? If not, the chances are you won’t succeed in that industry. Let’s say you want to start bodybuilding. If you Google search “quickest ways to build muscle for beginners”, 99% of the time you are going to come across a supplement called creatine. If you do not know what creatine is, it’s simple. It’s a natural amino acid produced by the body. Although you don’t need creatine to build muscle it can help tremendously if you use it to your advantage. Creatine is found in most red meats, chicken, fish, and other foods, but in small enough amounts to where it’s easy for your body to process it. You can find it in any supplements/vitamin store for dirt cheap.

Alright, let’s get down to the science behind it. Most people who take creatine start with a loading phase. Basically they take large amounts of creatine throughout the day for the first week to fully saturate the muscles as fast as possible. After the first loading phase they go back into a maintenance phase and take somewhere between 3g-10g per day for about 6-12 weeks. Yes, you can take it year round as long as you are drinking enough water but most people stick to cycles throughout the year. Creatine goes into the muscles and replenishes your ATP’s at a much faster rate that normal. This affects your strength in the gym, your endurance in the gym, and overall motivation to stay in the gym. Ultimately, creatine helps with muscular hypertrophy (muscle growth), energy, overall strength, and even has benefits that affect your brain and memory.  So if you’re new to bodybuilding and want to reach that size you’ve always wanted, creatine is a highly effective, non-expensive supplement that can be very beneficial to reach your goals 

-Joey at DyeHard


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