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5 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Over 70% of Americans have trouble falling asleep at night or can’t stay asleep. Knowing that the number is that high makes me wonder if those people are taking steps to improve their sleep. Here are 10 ways to improve your overall quality of sleep. #1 – Get on a schedule. Try going to sleep… Continue Reading →

Set A Habit, Not A Goal

What is the most popular New Year’s Resolution every year? Some type of Fitness or Health-related goal. According to Statista, the number 1, 2, and 3 most popular resolutions are related to fitness. Why start now? The reason this goal is never followed through is because of the fitness or health goal that is set…. Continue Reading →

Motivation over Limitation

This article is going to be about pushing your limits. A very good example of a person who pushed past all limits and defied the odds is David Goggins, author of “Can’t Hurt Me.” David spent some of his childhood years in a nice house in a fairly wealthy neighborhood in a nice two-story house…. Continue Reading →

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