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Bulking Tips

The weather is getting cooler, and the hoodies are starting to come out of the closet. Now is the time to start packing on that winter coat. During these months, most bodybuilders and lifters are putting on as much weight as possible to add muscle mass for next summer. If you don’t like eating a… Continue Reading →

The Quarantine 15, How To Get Back Into Shape

It has been 7 months since the start of a global pandemic that has caused a new normal nationwide. The stay at home order has affected millions financially, socially, mentally, and even physically. I like to call the physical effects, The Quarantine 15. Just like the “Freshman 15”, the quarantine 15 has caused citizens to… Continue Reading →

Training Legs for Growth

Ahhhhh, Leg day… The day that every gym-rat dreads. Walking into the gym knowing that you are about to train legs is the worst part of the week for most people. Knowing that you are about to do squats, leg press, or any other movement that requires using your legs for some reason is such… Continue Reading →

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